Sustainable Energy and Environment Solutions

Waste-Water Treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge

With increasing focus on environmental sustainability, KOSHYMA’s ZLD systems recover usable water from your existing effluent as well as sewage treatment plants. Tertiary treatment also recovers valuable product from waste stream. KOSHYMA can tailor the proposed solution by analyzing physical samples leading to the correct mix of technologies required to guarantee the final water quality. For both thermal and non-thermal ZLD equipment, KOSHYMA’s aim is to achieve lowest energy footprint for highest process efficiency.

Treated waste-water Concentration
Our design philosophy focuses on extended life and optimum pressure selection of membranes for maximum usable water recovery. An appropriate mix of pre-treatment schemes is employed to make treated water suitable for membrane processes. KOSHYMA can offer MF/UF/RO-trains as well as specialized ion-selective strategies for effective concentration of the reject streams. Non-membrane processes are also offered for niche applications.

Multi-Effect Evaporators and Crystallizers
KOSHYMA delivers multi-effect evaporation systems based on vapour recompression technologies delivering lowest total cost of ownership. In addition, KOSHYMA is a leading process innovator and offers fully electric evaporators having thermoplastic wetted parts for highly aggressive wastewaters or brine-reject streams. Visit our Product page for more details.