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Dynamic Balancing

For almost 3 decades, KOSHYMA has been the preferred balancing partner to numerous OEMs, running plants as well as to the repair & maintenance sector. At KOSHYMA, we combine a scientific approach based on first principles, our vast experience in the field of vibrations and our in-house engineering strengths to bring a complete portfolio of services for all balancing needs. For every balancing scenario, we have a customised solution.

KOSHYMA can balance and certify rotors conforming to:

ISO 1940:1-2003, ISO 11342.1998 and API standards

The balancing process is developed based on the experience of balancing different applications and the balancing protocol is certified as per ISO 9001:2015

Applications include all types of Turbines (gas, steam, hydro), alternators, compressors, pumps, scrolls, impellers, fans, rollers, CNC tools/fixtures, pulleys, turbochargers, gears and pinions, spindles, vacuum pump lobes etc.

Key Benefits

⦁ Manufacturers and OEMs: supporting production volumes
⦁ Fast turnaround times for balancing jobs through dedicated machine availability
⦁ Meticulous balancing protocol for different rotor types
⦁ Clear post-production insight with regards to balance quality and batch-wise analysis
⦁ Repair, Maintenance and Service: total retrofitting solutions
⦁ Rebuilding of critical parts of rotor
⦁ Hub replacement and blade hard-facing
⦁ Spray-painting and sand-blasting services to deploy the finished rotor directly in the field
⦁ Value Added Balancing Services: freedom from imbalance
⦁ Run-out/face-out reports and keyway compensation guidelines
⦁ In-depth rotor diagnostics through vector analysis of the vibrations across operating speeds
⦁ Engineering support for designing balancing tools and adapters

Machine Features

Machine DataH-rH-100H40H60UB
Capacity60 kg1.0 T3.0 T18.0 T
Maximum Workpiece Diameter [mm]900160016002400
Minimum/Maximum Workpiece Length [mm]100/90050/1800*180/3800400/6000*
Journal Diameter Range [mm]6-5516-12516-12540-300
End Drive Power [HP]7.5100.0
Belt Drive Power [HP]
Achievable Balancing Speed [rpm]150032020004000
Balancing Accuracy” rotor wt0.20.520.5(E)/0.2(B)
  • All machines are installed with electronic measurement devices for imbalance-vibration pickup and are regularly calibrated
  • The machine pedestals have arrangements for inter-changable journals so that all sizes of rotors can be accommodated
  • Both inboard and overhanging rotors can be balanced for purely static, static-couple interactions and dynamic imbalance


KOSHYMA’s dedicated balancing facility consists of 3000 sq. ft. dedicated to balancing services including our 4 balancing machines. In addition, 5000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space is available to cater to allied fabrication, maintenance and service activities for rotors.

  • Trained personnel for handling critical parts with overhead cranes
  • Secure storage for a large volume of jobs
  • Ready set of balancing mandrels to suit different rotor sizes and setups

KOSHYMA has numerous success stories in balancing of critical applications. The setup can handle rotors starting from a few grams up to 18 MT in weight, 2.5 m in diameter and 6 m in length. For high-speed balancing and run-tests, speeds up to 3600 rpm can be achieved depending on rotor size.

Contact for any requirement

Mr. R. Sreenivas

+91 8861640157