Sustainable Energy and Environment Solutions

Battery Formation Systems for Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion

For over 20 years, KOSHYMA has been India’s pioneers in various lead-acid battery formation equipment for green battery and plate charging. More than 30 million batteries for automotive, traction, solar and storage are being formed in equipment and systems
supplied. KOSHYMA are also at the forefront of lithium-ion process technology for drying and solvent recovery. Customised engineering forms the backbone of Koshyma’s Formation systems.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced cycle time and increased output
  • Reduced labour dependence
  • Improved and uniform forming leading to lowering rejections
  • Enhance equipment lifetimes

Manual & Automatic Formation Baths (single and multi-layer)
We offer the complete range of formation water baths from the smallest to largest battery sizes. Manual baths have idler rollers for easy movement of batteries with watertight closing doors. Automatic formation baths are provided with belt conveyors inside the bath for inching movement of batteries. The baths can have linkage style manual loading and unloading system where the operator involvement is minimal or fully automatic servo- pneumatic transfer shuttles which require no manpower for operation.

All formation baths have adjustable level control system for different battery submersion depths and in-built acid-fume suction hoods to direct the exhaust fumes. On-board scrubbers with blowers can be offered with the Formation Baths as a fully integrated
package. In all cases, the construction materials are inherently acid resistant, PPH/PVC and SS316L are used in majority cases. For increased safety, we also offer fire retardant materials, on request.

Rectifier linked Water Cooling and Acid-Chilling Systems
KOSHYMA’s charger-linked water cooling and re-circulation systems complement the automatic formation baths for effective removal of battery heat during the charging cycle. The water circuit includes the pumping stations, pH and flow control elements in addition to multi-threshold temperature control of the cooling water. Various configurations can be offered with chilled water (below 15 deg C), cooled water (below 25 deg C) and warm water (below 40 deg C) as per requirement of the process stability. KOSHYMA also provide acid chilling plants including glycol-based systems for sub-zero temperatures.

Acid-proof Floor Lining
KOSHYMA’s pioneering acid-proof floor lining systems are the de-facto standard for corrosion control in Formation areas. The DURAFLEX-FVL™ system is suitable for all wet process areas in the chemical industry and the DURABLOK-MVL tiles can be used in areas having heavy duty movement including forklifts, trucks and dumpers. The lining solution have outstanding resistance to acid and alkali spillages in a wide spectrum of pH. The installation is carried out by our skilled team of applicators and is suitable for both new installations and revamping of existing shop floor areas. Please check our Corrosion Resistant Lining Solutions page for more details.

Electrode Web Dryers and NMP Recovery Systems for Lithium-Ion Batteries
KOSHYMA manufactures floatation air dryers for web drying in the lithium-ion manufacturing process. In conjunction to the drier, for energy optimization and solvent recovery purpose, KOSHYMA also supplies the complete 2-NMP recovery system. These
proprietary technologies assist the customer to achieve compliance with local emissions standards while maximizing recovery of both the dryer exhaust heat and solvent carried in the exhausted air. KOSHYMA also offers the tail-end solvent distillation system for ultra-high purity solvent which can be re-used in the process. On-site distillation of the recovered solvent results in a low ROI for the complete system.