Sustainable Energy and Environment Solutions

Air Pollution Control

KOSHYMA has the design, manufacturing, and commissioning expertise to address the complete air path from emission source, and filtration devices through to the safe discharge of filtered air to the environment.

Key benefits of KOSHYMA’s APC experience:

  • Filtration and recovery of a wide range of particulate and gaseous pollutants
  • Innovative material design for aggressive chemicals and high temperatures
  • Complete source to stack solution range and manufacturing capabilities
  • Optimizing CapEx and OpEx considering present and future scale
  • Proven project management ability to deliver complex projects on time, within budget, and above specifications

Customized Suction Hoods and Ducting
Each manufacturing operation presents a unique challenge for the capture of contaminants at the source. KOSHYMA operator tables and customized suction hoods combine high-efficiency suction dynamics for the pollutant along with due consideration for operator ergonomics and process demands. Ducting can be offered in a variety of metals and non-metals to complete the air path. This includes special internal linings for wear, corrosion, and abrasion resistance.

Fabric Filter Bag-Houses
KOSHYMA builds both single and multi-compartment bag filters for all types of dust collection applications. Various configurations such as walk-in plenums with active stand-by, online bypass and temperature reduction devices for flue gases have been successfully delivered with the systems depending on the specific requirements. Please check the packaged filters product page for details of pre-engineered units for workshop dust collection.

Wet Scrubbers
KOSHYMA’s custom-built units can handle a wide range of gas volumes with uniform gas/liquid distribution, high-integrity construction and low pressure drops. The supplied scrubbers include a variety of applications such as combustion, reagent preparation, pickling, plating, forming, odour-control, and flue gas de-sulphurisation. Smaller scrubbers can be offered in pre-wired packages, ready to ship that simplifies site installation and integration. Please check the packaged scrubber product page for details of small pre-
engineered units.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation FGD Scrubbers
KOSHYMA’s designs and builds speciality FGD units for processes in metal and foundry, mainly non-ferrous metals. These scrubbers offer exceptional SOx reduction efficiencies with
varieties of chemistries of the scrubbing liquor. KOSHYMA can also offer downstream water treatment of the scrubber bleed stream, check our Water Treatment page for details.


KOSHYMA designs and manufactures high efficiency blowers in metal or plastic construction depending on flow, temperature, pressure drop and nature of media. Please check the Blowers page for more details.

Chimney Stacks
KOSHYMA’s proven self-supported or equipment integral chimney designs have been successfully installed in various applications. KOSHYMA also offers structurally supported FRP chimneys for non-metallic stacks, or metallic chimneys with multi-laminate linings to handle high temperatures and aggressive chemicals.