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KOSHYMA has been manufacturing axial fans and centrifugal blowers for various applications for close to 3 decades. The fans are designed to perform in challenging environments of dust, fume, heat and other harsh air movement conditions.

Centrifugal Blowers

KOSHYMA blowers are engineered to deliver the required pressure and flow characteristics for all kinds of industrial air movement. The blowers are offered in a variety of metallurgies depending on the process requirement. KOSHYMA also manufactures blowers in FRP/GRP and thermoplastic construction for aggressive chemical handing use. The advantage of KOSHYMA’s design is superior aerodynamic efficiency and robust construction principles which keeps running and maintenance costs low for customers.

Key benefits

Key features and benefits

Axial Flow Fans

As a trusted partner of the agro businesses in South India, KOSHYMA began manufacturing axial flow fans mainly for tea-leaf and grain drying applications. Now the diversified business also addresses various ventilation, heat exchanger and flue-gas cooling applications.