Sustainable Energy and Environment Solutions

Heating, Cooling and EnergyRecovery Systems

Chillers, Heat Pumps, and AHUs
KOSHYMA assembles chiller packages above 50 TR, mainly as heat pumps. The differentiating feature is the integrated control system for load balancing to maximize the benefit of free cooling/heating without depending on site conditions. Special machines are also available for low GWP refrigerants as well as natural refrigerants. We also manufacture special glycol systems for chilling of chemicals for the process industry. The chillers tie in along with our customized AHUs as a combination to recover energy in HVAC/R as well as industrial applications.

Steam and Hot-Water Generators
KOSHYMA supplies IBR-certified steam boilers and non-IBR hot water generators as the heat source for process operations.

Customized Process-Skids and Systems for Energy Recovery
KOSHYMA has experience in a range of Air-to-Liquid (Water, Glycol, or Hot-Oil Loop) and Air-to-Air (Flue Gas, Exhaust Air, or Compressed Air) energy recovery applications. The Energy Recovery Units are custom designed to meet specific project requirements for industrial ventilation, building comfort, make-up or recycling air for dryers/ovens/kilns, boiler make-up water, a replacement for steam-water mixing batteries, etc. The packages that make up a hot water/oil circuit, cooling/chilled water circuit, and recycled air circuits are generally skid mounted and integrated with required instruments and controls. In cases where the primary system is linked to critical processes, we also build an automated system bypass for safety and temperature control.

KOSHYMA is India’s pioneer in the use of pressure exchangers as energy recovery devices for HPRO and SWRO-desalination. Please visit our Products page for complete details.