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KOSHYMA’s energy recovery devices can recover energy in the brine waste stream, which is then used to pressurize raw water and reduce the energy input for the high-pressure feed pumps. The high-pressure pump does not have to be connected to the energy recovery device. This permits the use of fewer, but larger, more efficient pumps. The energy recovery devices are simple in construction, do not use exotic alloys and have an excellent reliability over the lifetime of the equipment.
Leveraging advances in oilfield technology to the Water and Alternative Energy Industry the evolution of a radical energy exchanger in form of twin Axial Energy Exchangers was born.
KOSHYMA has a clear vision: Develop and market the best possible high-pressure pumps, axial and rotary energy recovery devices and accessories to enable our customers to make clean water affordably, reliably, efficiently and sustainably! All components offered by KOSHYMA are well-suited for landbased as well as for mobile and containerized offshore seawater RO applications.
The proprietary technology relates to a method of improving the efficiency of a reverse osmosis system by recovering the energy of a waste stream (which is a by-product of desalination process using the reverse osmosis process). Our innovative device utilizes the “waste” or “concentrate” energy coming out of the reverse osmosis membranes to pressurize treated brackish/seawater using the principals of peristaltic compression. Our device does not require any cylinders and pistons and there is no contact of the different liquid steams, hence avoiding mixing and leakage issues experienced in other designs. The unique design utilizes the use of a flexible containment membrane and three containment “shells” in its construction.

Design Advantages

Recovers “waste” or “concentrate” energy coming out of the reverse osmosis membranes

Operational Advantages

Construction Advantages

Recovers “waste” or “concentrate” energy coming out of the reverse osmosis membranes

Design Specification

Model No Permeate m3/day Dimension approx. mm
AEE100-1000 10 1500 x 1000
AEE200-1000 100 1800 x 1000
AEE450-3000 1000 4500 x 1800
AEE750-6000 10,000 8000 x 2500
AEE1200-6000 25,000 9500 x 4500